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Let It Change!

I am dedicated to the return of man to its inherent universal state of communication with all living things. I am committed to take this journey without distance with you, so we may both discover the activation and extension of our inner light and share it with the world.

I teach truth.

Inspired by my illuminating experiences with the mind training A Course In Miracles, I have been traveling the world for more that 20 years sharing the joy of having found freedom through this masterful work on personal transformation. I also draw from the latest discoveries of quantum physics and cutting edge information based in neuro-science which I share in a simple and enlightening manner, bridging the the teachings of ancient knowledge with these exciting discoveries.

I communicate the wisdom born of my own personal illuminated experiences in a dynamic and clear manner.

Tangible changes can be experienced during my live events since I inspire you and show you how easy it is to find the answers within yourself.

You are invited to be quiet for an instant and rest in the infinite well of joy within you, the teacher residing in your heart.

You are invited to feel the healing energies of forgiving love emanating from your own Self.

You are invited to let go of the past and free yourself from a predictable future.

When you assume responsibility for what is going on in your life, you are free to discover your authentic self.

Be inspired to find out that your healing is in the forgiveness that heals your relationships.

I encourage you to become an active agent of personal transformation in this world and to spread the word!

Your life can become a reflection of the certainty that YOU are a miracle and that you are perfect as God created you.