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A little about me

At 14 years of age, while in boarding school, I had an experience that was transcendental in nature. It was a subjective inner experience in which a kind of communication was occurring without the use of words, a sense of a complete understanding   -yet totally beyond concepts- of my nature as a living being, a full blown, expanded awareness of myself in relationship to all living things, my oneness with the universal life all around me, and God. This experience of profound love, joy and illumination became the beacon, a sort of “inner guidance system” that I would use during pivotal moments in my life to make crucial decisions that would affect the rest of my life.

At 18, thirsty to deepen into my barely scratched surface of the invisible inner realm, I met my first teacher, Guru Mahara Ji,  or  Prem Rawat, and I am initiated into Knowledge, a series of ancient technics from India, passed on from master to master through the generations.  I decide to dedicate my life to the path of devotion of my Guru and his teachings and I promptly move into an ashram (monasteries in India). I spent 5 years practicing the path of the discipline of Knowledge, which included satsang, service and meditation. Many hours were spent in absolute quiet and deep meditation, listening to the teachings and doing service. Those years became the cornerstone for my daily practice. Meditation and contemplation continue to this day to be a medium for recalibration of the inner guidance system in my heart and mind, as well as deep communion with the divinity in all things.

In 1983 I left the ashram life to move to the United States, where I was introduced to many different healing modalities including Rebirthing, through “The Loving Relationships Training” with Sondra Ray. This breathing technique comes form an ancient breathing practice in India and was adapted in the west to be used principally as a psychotherapeutic tool to gain access to blocked experiences and emotions as well as negative experiences from birth and infancy. In 1986, after training with Phillip and Mikela Tarlow,  I became a Licenced Rebirther.

In 1989 I a recieved a Certification on Rubaionics, a hands on healing energy technique that accesses the more subtle levels of the body as well as the energy centers referred to as “chakras” resulting in emotional stability, and mental and physical overall balance and well being.

In 1993, I met The Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles, the teacher that would guide me for the next 2o years of my life thru deep personal healing and spiritual unfoldment and awakening.  During those years I lived a monastic life in Wisconsin with my teacher and other individuals dedicated to the study and application of this masterful awakening tool. Endeavor Academy (now A Course in Miracles International) became a center for A Course in Miracles in the world. I was its administrator in 1999, as well as a senior teacher thru the time it remained open, traveling extensively teaching around the world, including Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay, Spain, England, Scotland, Germany, Poland and Australia. From 1998 thru 2008, I was instrumental in the opening of centers for the study and application of the Course in Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela.

In 2008, after my teacher’s passing, I moved to Madison. After many years of using Alignment Yoga as a personal practice, I recently finished a year long 200 hour teacher training program with Scott Anderson receiving my Yoga Instructor Certification.

I continue my practice as a healer, spiritual consultant, yoga instructor and offering A Course In Miracles weekly gatherings and retreats as well as yoga and meditation workshops. Please visit here for current events being offered.

I continue to travel the world. My passion in personal transformation thru cultivating self awareness has led me to also draw from the latest and cutting-edge information in quantum physics and neuroscience, which I share in a simple and enlightening manner, bridging various teachings of ancient knowledge with these exciting discoveries.

A Personal Message

I am committed to take this journey without distance with you, so we may together discover the activation and extension of our inner light and share it with the world.

I am committed to inspire you and show you how easy it is to find the answers within yourself.

You are invited to be quiet for an instant and rest in the infinite well of joy within, the teacher residing in your heart.

You are invited to feel the healing energies of forgiving love emanating from your own Self.

You are invited to let go of the past and free yourself from a predictable future.

Find out that your healing is in the forgiveness that heals your relationships.

I encourage you to become an active agent of personal transformation in this world and to spread the word!

Your life can become a reflection of the certainty that YOU are a miracle and that you are perfect as God created you.