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Rest, reconnect, recharge

Open your mind and heart, release your fears, let go of the past and surrender.

This s an opportunity to retreat from your external environment, from your attention to the things occurring in your life, and surrender to journey without distance to the Self that awaits inside.

You’ll loose your fear, your pain and your grievances and what you will gain cannot be measured.

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  • You will identify the illusions that you have about yourself that are blocking the flow of happiness right now without you even noticing it!

  • You will heal your relationships with love, letting go of the past

  • You will learn to let go of what you no longer need to make room for a new and ancient Self.
  • You will tune in with Truth and you will hear your authentic Voice.
  • You will meet others that are in this journey with you, you will know you are not alone.
  • You will feel the peace of knowing your place in this wondrous and enormous creation.
  • You will integrate all this as light in your body, in your mind and in your spirit through the ancient wisdom of yoga.
Alexandra Klaric
Alexandra KlaricInspirer and Transformational Agent
Alexandra been teaching personal transformation and spiritual awakening for the past 30 years, traveling around the world inspiring others to discover that we are perfect as God created us and that our passage through this earth is not random. Her talks are dynamic and fun and she communicates the wisdom born of her own personal illuminated experiences.
Tangible changes are experienced during her live events. Her focus, based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles is on having and experience of truth instead on conceptual analysis.
Marielle School
Marielle SchoolYoga Instructor and Teacher
After her studies and teaching of A Course in Miracles, Marielle started to share her passion and joy for Yoga. She helps others to bridge the gap between every day life and Source Energy. Her practice helps remedy symptoms of anxiety and depression through meditation, grounding and Yoga. Marielle is skilled in increasing vitality, inner harmony and core strength in her students. She facilitates bringing the soul back into the body. Her classes are accessible for any body type and level of experience.
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Come and find out that you already have all the answers. YOU.


Holy Wisdom Monastery
4200 Co Hwy M, Middleton, WI 53562

Friday 7pm – Sunday 2pm

$235.- Before Aug 31st
$245 – Aug 31 to Sept 31st
$265 – Sept 31st to Oct 26th
Special Student Price: $200.

Includes: Yoga and Teaching sessions –

Not included:
$5 Breakfast Sat & Sun
$15 Lunch Sat and Sun

TO STAY OVERNIGHT, please visit:
The Monastery to choose room type and
Contact aconway@benedictinewomen.org to make your reservation.
*make sure to mention our event

More Information:
(608) 432-2326
(608) 432-2286


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