Events 2020-09-07T17:00:38-05:00

We will be covering (in no specific order)

  • The fundamentals of the mind training: there is nothing outside you.
  • FIRST 50 lessons of ACIM (and why they matter).
  • Finding yourself by letting go of your story, your definitions of yourself.
  • The undoing of the dream:  all time is going on all the time, time is only memory.
  • Master Jesus, the Greatest Quantum Physicist off all time.
  • The present memory: entering the Holy Instant. Quieting the mind and learning to listen. It is thru listening that we enter into communion with that which is unknown in us and in everyone else.
  • The language of light: true communication of everything with everything and YOU at the center of it all. Communication is how we are connected.
  • Forgiveness, the ultimate means for purification and release. Forgiveness is the key to eternal happines